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Clicking any link below will take you to an IPipeline login page. First-time users: Select ‘NEW – sign up for an account’ and follow the prompts.  Note: if you are a currently registered with IPipeline through another source, you will need to create a new/additional login for this site.

All of the resources you need at your fingertips.

Compare Term Rates. Includes some UL functionality, however please contact your local Sales Office for more comprehensive and carrier compliant UL Life quotes.
Build charts, underwriting guidelines and requirements by carrier and product.            
Sort and compare product features, including age/face amount limits, risk classes, conversion information, riders, carrier ratings and more.
Term, UL and Whole Life, Annuity and Long Term Care forms, including new business, policyholder service and contracting (when available by the carrier).
Instructions: After selecting the E-Apps/Drop Tickets button above, log in or follow the registration process for first-time users.  Once logged in, you will see a Forms selection page.  At the top-right, CLICK 'iGO e-App' to begin.

This website is for financial professionals.  NOT FOR CONSUMER USE.

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